I have taken surf lessons in the past but never seemed to improve and move past the total beginner stage.  Then I went out for a surf lesson with Jonathan.  Jonathan has taught me everything I need to know about surfing.  I have improved a ton since surfing with him.  Now I can read the waves and catch them on my own.  He is a great teacher with a really calm and comforting demeanor.  Because of him I now feel comfortable going out on my own.  Anyone who wants to really learn how to surf should book a lesson with Jonathan now!
— Kate, Yelp
Jonathan is an amazingly patient, knowledgeable, articulate and experienced instructor. He goes the extra mile and teaches you not just about the waves, but about the ocean, surf etiquette and other things you need to know to be a better surfer. He has an amazing sense of humor and works around your schedule.
— Tala, Yelp
Jonathan is a fantastic surf instructor. I felt totally at ease with the ocean and confident with what i had to do after our initial beach lesson. I was able to stand straight away, which felt amazing. He really helps you understand the waves and how to read them, i can’t recommend him enough.
— Tahnee, Yelp
I’ve been training with Jonathan for almost a year now!!! He is so much fun to surf with and has helped me get better and better. I can surf on my own, and I do, but Jonathan’s knowledge of waves  is vast, so I try to continue to expand as a surfer by learning more and more.  I can’t recommend him enough as a teacher for beginners!! You will feel so safe with him and he knows exactly where the waves are best for your level. Awesome guy!  Great teacher!  Surfs up!!!!
— Debi, Yelp
Jonathan connected with the kids right away, explaining the mechanics of surfing and safety in the ocean. He was able to help my son and daughter improve their skill and learn to connect with the ocean. Both of them believe Jonathan is the best surfing teacher. They ended up taking lessons with him for the whole week. My son now is a surf-a-holic, and he continues to seek Jonathan’s advice on which wet suit and board to buy. I am sure we will be returning to take more lessons from Jonathan in the near future. My husband is already talking about taking a few lessons with Jonathan himself.
— Erica, Yelp
I’ve been surfing for almost 15 years and wasn’t able to get over that hump from a beginner to an intermediate surfer. I took my first set of lessons from him three or so years ago and I can’t be more thankful for him and his excellence in teaching me. He’s a skilled communicator, very patient, extremely knowledgable about the water, and one of the best surfers I’ve paddled out with as well. He really loves his job —  there’s not doubt about it.  
— Chris, Yelp
This guy is great.  I have been surfing for a couple of years, I’ve done the obligatory beginner lesson, and I’ve also done a group lesson while on vacation.  Both of those were okay but it took a session with Jonathan to really improve.  I went out today and this is the best and most valuable lesson I’ve ever had.   Right of the bat the money was worth it. You get an invaluable lesson about how the ocean and the waves work.  Then a quick look at your technique on land.  Then you get in the water and get to put it all together with a very patient and informative instructor.
— Ted, Yelp
I’m very lucky to have had Jonathan as a coach. His patience, calm demenour and talent are what makes him the best surf instructor out there. He had me catching my own waves after 5 lessons! He knows how to mentally get you in the zone to overcome your fears and to hone your technique. Every time I go out there with Jonathan, I become a better surfer. If you want to learn how to surf the right way, he’s your guy.
— Ishmael, Yelp
I am a grown adult, and was self-conscious to try surfing, next to the young ones, and concerned to have a ‘dude’ instructor that would not care - but that could not be further from the truth with Jonathan! I cannot say enough about him - He will be the first to say that there is work and practice involved, and he helped guide me thru every step.  Not only is he an expert on surfing, waves, techniques, safety (I could go on about his extensive knowledge), but the most comforting thing about him is that he genuinely cares, which is very rare these days in any service industry, amongst so many people who just “do their job”.  I never felt like he was doing his job, but instead he really wanted me to succeed and be able to surf, and that made a huge difference in building my confidence.  I don’t know where he finds the patience to teach someone new as often as he does, looking back at how bad I was, and still took the time to teach me every step I needed to improve. Thanks for him, not only do I surf on my own now, but it is one of my favorite things to do!
— Josh, Yelp
We live out of state, and have hired Jonathan for three lessons for our 13-year-old daughter, her friend, and our 8-year-old son. His knowledge, temperament and kindness put my kids completely at ease. My daughter even caught a wave on her very first try. Although Jonathan said she was a natural, my daughter said if it wasn’t for his instruction, she never would have done so well. Jonathan is a genuine soul who is completely in tune with the sport and each person’s individual needs. We feel fortunate to have found him, and will continue to hire him for each visit.
— Kara, Yelp
Jonathan is fantastic!  I have recommended him to anyone who asks how I started surfing.  From day one, he teaches you more than just standing up on the board.  He explains currents, wave formation, how to decipher Surfline (website for predicting waves) and gives great tips on improving your form and avoiding wipeouts.  He even accompanied my friend when he was ready to pick out his first board.  He really goes above and beyond and sincerely enjoys helping people just try surfing for a day or fall in love with it for a lifetime.  I have only been at the sport for the past 6 months and am completely addicted.  A great teacher goes a long way.
— Melissa, Yelp
My buddy bought me a surf lesson for my 40th, and it’s one of the best gifts I’ve ever received.  We were lucky enough to have Jonathan as a teacher, and not only is he very gifted as a surf coach, he is endlessly patient. I spend a lot of time in the Pacific with an ocean-swimming group, and my buddy is a newbie to the water.  Jonathan managed to teach both of us at our own pace, and he is constantly introducing us to new aspects of surfing.  We have had 6 lessons and can’t wait for more time out there with one of the best instructors in the business. Seriously worth every penny.
— John, Yelp